Books Section Updated With First Upcoming Releases

Book Covers

Two upcoming book releases are now listed in the Books section of the store. These include “Neurofeedback and Situational Regulation in ADHD” by Werner Van den Berg, M.D. and “Low Resolution Brain Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA): Basic Concepts and Clinical Applications” by Rex L. Cannon, Ph.D. Dr. Van den Berg’s release is due out this summer, and Dr. Cannon’s will follow a few months afterward.

We are really excited about these releases and hope they make a genuine contribution to the field of QEEG/neurofeedback. We hope that you share our excitement. Visit the Books section for more details. Future announcements will follow with more specific release date and pricing information. Stay tuned!

The ADHD/neurofeedback book cover shown above will be translated from Dutch to English, and the LORETA book cover is obviously a temporary, non-production version.