New Book Release: The Other Side Of The Desk

Stuart Donaldson - The Other Side of the Desk (front book cover)

The Other Side of the Desk (book) by Stuart Donaldson, PhD is a narration about chronic pain and problems treating them with the conventional medical model. This book is invaluable to chronic pain sufferers, helping steer them to the treatment modalities that have the potential to help them, as well as to help practitioners avoid…

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Completely Redesigned BMED Press Website Launched

New BMED Press LLC website and e-commerce system

BMED Press recently underwent a major re-design of its website. This re-design included a completely new e-commerce system. We hope that our readers enjoy the new look and functionality. Reader feedback and comments are always welcome, and we hope that you take time to provide us with feedback. You may post feedback in the comment…

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An Interview With Rex Cannon, PhD

Photo of Rex Cannon PhD

BMED Press’ CEO Christopher Fisher, PhD recently interviewed Rex Cannon, PhD. The topics of this discussion included brain imaging technics, particuarly electroencephalography (EEG) and Low Resolution Brain Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA) as well as LORETA neurofeedback, the future of EEG and LORETA, and more.

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