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Special Offer: Free “The New Science of Breath” book ($24.95 value) and 1-hour telephone tutorial!

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Welcome to Coherence “BreatheHeart.” Built on the foundation of Valsalva Wave Pro, and COHERENCE patents both issued and pending, BreatheHeart allows us to monitor and train breathing and heart rate to achieve synchrony and coherence of respiration, heart rate, and blood flow. Synchronizing the breath with the heart beat is an ancient yogic technique that elicits autonomic balance and a meditative state of mind. In all of yoga, it is one of the master methods. Today, we understand that it also yields optimal variability and coherence of the heart rate variability (HRV) cycle. If we train this synchrony and learn to reside in it, we begin to experience ourselves and the world us differently. Muscles relax, the mind stops chattering, and we find a new peaceful state of being. You will also receive a free copy of the book, The New Science of Breath by Stephen Elliott and a free 1-hour telephone tutorial session with the manufacturer!

Includes: BreatheHeart comes with everything you need to get started right away, including biofeedback software (PC only), ear sensor hardware, drift kit (minimizes the impact of the sensor’s pressure on the ear lobe), a free “The New Science of Breath” book ($24.95 value), and 1-hour telephone tutorial. The ear sensor is called a photoplethysmograph, which is the safe use of infrared light to detect changes in blood flow. BreatheHeart is offered only with an ear sensor (only) due to real time feedback sensitivity. The license may be used on two computers.

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