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Coherence Valsalva Wave Pro is designed for researchers, clinicians, and serious health enthusiasts. It has sophisticated capabilities required by scientists, multi-client capability needed by clinicians, and “ease of use” desired by all. Valsalva Wave Pro can train a fundamentally new biometric, the “Valsalva Wave,” which is a breathing induced blood wave that can be observed during a coherent breathing style. Valsalva Wave Pro also provides monitoring and training of the Heart Rate Variability Wave and the Pulse Wave, all can be monitored alone or in combination. You will also receive a free copy of the book, The New Science of Breath by Stephen Elliott!

Includes: PC Software, physioamp, sensor, cable, and a free “The New Science of Breath” book ($24.95 value). The license is good for 2 computers. Supports ear sensor or finger sensor options. See Sensor Selection Help below for assistance.

Sensor Selection Help: Customers will select the sensor type (ear versus finger) at purchase. We generally recommend the ear sensor because of reduced movement artifacts (i.e., it is usually easier to keep an ear lobe still more easily than a finger). Those who have finger tips with calluses or very dry skin may want to select the ear sensor. Conversely, those who have very small ear lobes or multiple ear ring holes (holes interfere with blood pulse measurement) may want to instead strongly consider selecting the finger sensor.

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