Doing Neurofeedback: An Introduction


Authors: Richard Soutar, PhD & Robert Longo, MRC
Imprint: ISNR Research Foundation
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This book, which is presented in a beautiful full color, large format (7″ x 10″), is highly recommended for students and healthcare professionals who want to integrate neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback) and quantitative EEG (QEEG) into their treatment options for patients and clients. The authors have over 30 years of combined experience and offer an easy-to-read, comprehensive historical and clinical perspective of neurofeedback. Topics include brain anatomy and physiology, models of disorders, basic electronics necessary to understand the recording process, learning and behavior theory, how to create treatment protocols, and how to evaluate clinical progress. The book also devotes a chapter to the history and clinical understanding of audio-visual entrainment.

About The Authors: Richard Soutar, PhD has been involved in neurofeedback for 20 years, is the director of New Mind Neurofeedback Center in Atlanta, Georgia, and is actively conducting workshops and mentoring new practitioners interested in BCIA certification. He is author of the New Mind Webcourse, the Creator of the New Mind Maps Database Analysis System, and author of several books in the field of neurofeedback. Robert Longo, MRC, LPC, NCC, BCN is Board Certified in neurofeedback and practices in North Carolina. Rob works with youth and adults and specializes in working with youth who have emotional and behavioral problems.

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1 History and Perspectives in NFB and QEEG
Chapter 2 Anatomy, Electrophysiology, and the Brain
Chapter 3 What is EEG?
Chapter 4 Normal Vs. Abnormal EEG
Chapter 5 Baselines & Assessments
Chapter 6 Protocols and Training
Chapter 7 Evaluation of Progress
Chapter 8 Alpha-Theta Training
Chapter 9 Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE)

All net proceeds of this book benefit The Foundation for Neurofeedback and Applied Neuroscience – a non-profit organization.

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