International Trends In Neurofeedback (Vol. 1)


Editors: Sokhadze et. al.
Publisher: Foundation for Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation Research
Exclusive Distribution: BMED Press, LLC
Pages: 262
Published: January 15, 2024
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International Trends In Neurofeedback (Volume 1) provides an overview of the development and status of neurofeedback in different parts of the world. Although how it was initially introduced, the pace and shape of its growth and the overall social and health-related context, are highly heterogeneous, a significant interest for neurofeedback has translated into an increased awareness of its therapeutic value and expanded clinical applications. In addition, in several chapters, clinical research is outlined, providing an essential resource for potential collaborative efforts. This first volume offers valuable insights from 13 different countries, and more will come in the next volume of this international series.

Table of Contents

Neurofeedback In Switzerland: A Complex Health Insurance System Associated With a Professional Label of Quality and Clinical Research
Academic Insights on the Evolution and Current State of Neurofeedback In Spain
Neurofeedback In Italy
Neurofeedback In Russia: From Conditioned Reflexes to Functional Neuromarkers
Neurofeedback In Bulgaria
Neurofeedback In Poland: Past and Present

Neurofeedback Research and Clinical Practice In Mexico
Neurofeedback In Chile
The Spread of Infra-Slow Neurofeedback: A Human Story
The BrainMaster Experience – From Cleveland, Ohio, a Global Outreach for Neurofeedback and Quantitative EEG

Clinical Neurofeedback Association In Japan
Current and Future Status of Neurofeedback in Taiwan
Emergence of Neurofeedback Technology and Quantitative EEG In Pakistan

The Emerging Light of the Bio/Neurofeedback Association of South Africa on the African Continent

Contributing Editors

Tato Sokhadze, Ph.D. MS
Tanya Morosoli, MSc, BCN fellow
Jon Frederick, Ph.D., LPC, BCN
James Evans, Ph.D.

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