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BreathHeart biofeedback software logoThe newly released Coherence BreatheHeart is now in-stock with a great special offer. BreatheHeart is built on the foundation of the research grade Valsalva Wave Pro. However, BreatheHeart is designed for consumers with essential functionality and an optimized user interface at roughly half the cost of Valsalva Wave Pro.

BreatheHeart, a state-of-the-art peripheral biofeedback device, allows you to monitor and train breathing and heart rate with the goal of synchrony and coherence of respiration, heart rate, and blood flow. This can facilitate improved autonomic balance (i.e., relaxation, mental clarity, etc.) and a meditative state of mind. In short, BreatheHeart takes you beyond traditional heart rate (HRV) biofeedback with its advanced, new metric: the valsalva wave.

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Special Offer!
With your purchase of BreatheHeart, you receive free shipping, a free copy of the book, The New Science of Breath by Stephen Elliott, and a free 1-hour telephone tutorial session with the manufacturer!

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