Exclusive Distribution Agreement For ISNR Research Foundation Books

ISNR Research Foundation Logo

ISNR Research Foundation LogoWe are pleased to announce that ISNR Research Foundation and BMED Press reached an agreement whereby BMED Press will become the exclusive distributor for all ISNR Research Foundation (ISNR-RF) book titles. The agreement is effective immediately.

BMED Press’ primary responsibilities will be to manufacture, distribute, promote, and provide order fulfillment for all ISNR-RF wholesale and retail book orders. In addition, BMED Press will make all current and future ISNR-RF books available for purchase at the BMED Press company website/store.

Current ISNR-RF book titles include:

  • ADD Centre Brodmann Area Booklet by Michael Thompson, MD, James Thompson, PhD and Wenqing Wu, MD
  • The Art of Artifacting by Jay Gunkelman, QEEG-D and Cory Hammond, PhD
  • Multi-Component Treatment Manual For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Including Strategies From Clinical Psycho-Physiology And Applied Neuroscience by John Carmichael, PhD, RPsych

Cynthia Kerson, Executive Director of ISNR-RF, noted that several new titles are currently being written and edited for future release.

Look for additional announcements and details over the coming weeks.

Additional Information about The ISNR Research Foundation
The ISNR Research Foundation supports research for neurofeedback and related non-drug technologies for central nervous system disorders.

To accomplish this mission the Foundation:

  • Identifies areas of interest for research in neuromodulation therapies with a current focus of ADHD, Autism Spectrum, TBI and epilepsy
  • Establishes criteria for quality controlled studies to evaluate such therapies
  • Recruits qualified researchers to conduct the research
  • Solicits, evaluates, awards and administers research grants
  • Applies for public and private grants and donations
  • Raises funds through direct and deferred donations
  • Collaborates with other entities with similar objectives