Doing Neurofeedback Is Now In Color

Doing Neurofeedback - An Introduction Book Front Cover

Doing Neurofeedback - An Introduction Book Front CoverWe have been so busy launching the new LORETA book that we failed to update our readers about an important recent change to the excellent Doing Neurofeedback: An Introduction book by Richard Soutar, PhD and Robert Longo, MRC.

This book, previously available only in black and white, has now been reprinted in beautiful color – and despite a huge increase in manufacturing costs, we did not raise the price for the color edition of this book. We also will continue to offer this book with free USPS Priority Mail shipping for orders placed in the United States. All orders from today forward will automatically receive the new color edition.

For more information on this book, please visit the Doing Neurofeedback: An Introduction product page.

Remember too that all net proceeds from sales this book benefit the non-profit organization, ISNR-Research Foundation.