Preorder Discount for Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback in the 21st Century (Expanded 2nd Ed.)

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Alpha Theta Neurofeedback BookWe are very pleased to announce the release of Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback in the 21st Century: A Handbook for Clinicians and Researchers (Expanded 2nd Ed.)!! This book will be released on October 30, 2017 with a retail list price of $69.00.

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Alpha-Theta Neurofeedback in the 21st Century is the premier handbook on the neurofeedback treatment of emotional trauma and substance abuse. This expanded second edition featuring three new chapters, including an introduction to neurofeedback, brainwaves, and neurofeedback training for psychotherapists and other newcomers interested the field. Please visit the product page for a complete description.

With contributions from

Patricia Norris, PhD
David Trudeau, MD
John Nash, PhD
Cynthia Kerson, PhD
Antonio Martins-Mourao, PhD
Genie Bodenhamer-Davis, PhD
Mark Johnson, PhD
Estate Sokhadze, PhD
Jay Gunkelman, QEEGD
Dan Chartier, PhD
Nancy White, PhD
Leonard Richards, ThD
Richard Davis, MA
Bill Scott, BSW
Siegfried Othmer, PhD
Sue Othmer, BA