Book Release: Neurofeedback and State Regulation In ADHD (September 2010) (Out of Print)

Neurofeedback and State Regulation in ADHD: A Therapy Without Medication front book cover

Neurofeedback And State Regulation In ADHD Front Book CoverWe are pleased to announced that the first book from BMED Press entitled, “Neurofeedback and State Regulation in ADHD: A Therapy Without Medication” written by Werner Van den Bergh, recently entered the pre-production stage. We anticipate the official release date to be set for late September unless unforeseen production delays arise.

More information on this exciting book release is available here. In the coming weeks, we will add a full product page with a complete chapter outline.

Note: This book was released on October 25, 2010 and can be found in the BMED Press online store.