Neurofeedback and Self-Regulation in ADHD (Second Edition)

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Author: Werner Van den Bergh, MD
Pages: 358
Published: January 31, 2017
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The first edition of this book (previously titled, “Neurofeedback and State Regulation in ADHD: A Therapy Without Medication”) was a groundbreaking, research-based clinical guide to the neurofeedback treatment of ADHD. This second edition maintains this high standard and has been extensively revised and expanded to include new research, an extensive number of new images, tables, and graphs (some in full color), and innovative clinical concepts and issues. The author provides a thorough overview of ADHD in terms of large scale brain networks and dysfunctional mechanisms of attention, vigilance, self-regulation, and executive functions. The most common forms of neurofeedback to treat ADHD are detailed, including traditional amplitude neurofeedback, LORETA neurofeedback, and slow cortical potential neurofeedback. Overall, the book presents an expert, technical overview of this complex topic, yet also gives the clinician hands-on tips and guidelines to practical application of the neurofeedback in a clinical setting.

Neurofeedback is a psychophysiological treatment that normalizes the deviant brainwave activity. The author explains how neurofeedback for ADHD specifically strengthens “self-regulation” through improved balance within specific brain regions and networks; these gains in self-regulation abilities result in restored vigilance with enhanced metastability. In short, neurofeedback for ADHD is a non-drug treatment that fosters vigilance and self-regulation in ADHD.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Vigilance and Self-Regulation in ADHD
Chapter 2 Large-Scale Brain Systems
Chapter 3 EEG Mechanisms of Attention, Vigilance and Self-Regulation
Chapter 4 Self-Regulation, Executive Functions embedded in Motivation, and their Dysregulation in ADHD
Chapter 5 Dynamic metastable organization of vigilance in EEG
Chapter 6 Neurofeedback*
Chapter 7 LORETA Neurofeedback
Chapter 8 Slow Cortical Potential Neurofeedback

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*Figure 68 on page 180 should have been credited to Sears & Thompson (1998). The A.D.D. Book: New Understandings, New Approaches to Parenting Your Child. New York: Little, Brown & Co. We sincerely apologize for this oversight.

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