The PC Diet – A Motivational Guide to Better Understand Your Diet, Exercise, and the Protein to Calorie Ratio to Maximize Your Weight Loss Goals


AuthorWilliam Johnston, III, MD
Published:  April 16, 2021
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By reading this book, you are already taking the first step in the right direction! You have realized it may be time for a diet, but does a diet have to eliminate all the foods you love or inhibit all your social or family activities that often center around dinner, coffee, or drinks?

Life can be complex, busy, and full of challenges that never get any easier.  Weight gain also is part of aging and plays a big role in our physical and mental health; yet many of us don’t know where to turn to learn how to diet and exercise. But does a diet have to be that complex?

This book provides a short and simple explanation on how and why the body stores fat, dispels misconceptions, and provides strategies for dieting and exercise. The Protein-To-Calorie Ratio (“PC Score”) provides an easy way for you to make healthy choices in your diet to more quickly reach your weight-loss goals.

As a physician, I never imagined what a big role diet and nutrition would play in my medical practice, but it’s a topic that comes up with most of my patients, regardless of their presenting problem. That’s because diet and nutrition really can influence most disease states.

Over the years, I have counseled my patients, family, friends, and colleagues on weight loss, but it wasn’t until I found myself needing to lose weight and searching for a diet that fit into my life and my family activities that motivated me to create a diet that was simple, flexible, AND effective! What was even more rewarding was sharing The PC Diet with my patients and receiving positive feedback. Most memorable, was seeing a 300+ pound man come in 6 months after I briefly discussed The PC Diet with him, have him pull down his suspenders, and pull his pants a good foot away from his belly and say, “Hey doc, I followed your diet, what do you think?”

The PC Diet is designed to fit into your life, not a diet that controls your life.

Let’s get to work, and all it takes is a quick read of this book. Now grab a copy of this book and replace 15 minutes of social media with something that can change your life! YOU’VE GOT THIS!!

Attention Healthcare Providers: Are you looking for a simple, yet effective way to help your patients lose weight? The PC Diet will teach your patients about diet and exercise fundamentals that are based on sound scientific principles of weight loss.  No gimmicky or overly complicated diet plans! The books is written in straightforward, conversational English and is priced at a very affordable $9.99. Please contact us if you want to stock this book at your practice; whole pricing is available for resellers.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Setting Goals And The Benefits Of Weight Loss
Chapter 3: Why And How Your Body Stores And Loses Fat
Chapter 4: Steering Around And Minimizing Instinctive Food Desires And Social Factors
Chapter 5: How Does Our Body Handle Fats, Proteins, And Carbohydrates?
Chapter 6: Protein-To-Calorie Score: “PC Score”
Chapter 7: Let’s Get Started With The PC Diet!
Chapter 8: Working Out To Lose Weight?
Chapter 9: Activity Of The Day (AOD) And “I Can’t Run”
Chapter 10: Diet Phases: Choose, Modify, Use The Diet Plan That Works For Your Goals
Chapter 11: Summary
Appendix A: Quick One Page Summary Of The PC Diet

Free Shipping: USPS First Class / Media Mail for orders over $25.00

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