A Consumer’s Guide to Understanding QEEG Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Training


Author:  Robert E. Longo, MRC, LCHMC, BCN
Publisher: Foundation for Neurofeedback and Research
Exclusive Distribution: BMED Press, LLC
Published:  November 1, 2021
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A Consumer’s Guide to Understanding QEEG Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Training (2nd Edition), part of the excellent ISNR Learning Series, by Robert E. Longo, MRC, LCHMC, BCN is written for the consumers. If you are considering participating in neurofeedback or a parent of a child, a relative, a colleague, or a friend who is looking to participate in neurofeedback brain wave training, this booklet is designed to inform you about the process of being assessed for and participating in neurofeedback. This booklet covers the very basics of what the reader needs to know and understand regarding neurofeedback. What is neurofeedback? How is a person assessed for participating in neurofeedback? What are the benefits? What, if any, are the side effects? How does one know it is helping? Does it require lifestyle changes? How long do the benefits last? What happens if it does not help? And many more such questions and issues are addressed.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER ONE – What is Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) Brain Mapping?
CHAPTER TWO – Preparation for a QEEG – Things You Should Know Before You Start
CHAPTER THREE – Preparing for Neurofeedback
CHAPTER FOUR – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Neurofeedback
CHAPTER FIVE – How to Optimize Your Neurofeedback Program
Appendix 1 – Client Bill of Rights and Responsibilities Regarding Biofeedback and Neurofeedback
Appendix 2 – Informed Consent
Appendix 3 – Financial Policy
Appendix 4 – Authorization for Release of Information (HIPAA)
Appendix 5 – Client Acknowledgements
Appendix 6 – QEEG Brain Mapping Preparation Checklist
Appendix 7 – Sleep Hygiene
Appendix 8 – Diet
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Review by:  Karl R. Johnson
5.0 out of 5 stars
Informative Book Reduces Fear and Educates Those Who Are to Receive a Brain Map (QEEG) or First Neurofeedback Session

Rob’s book, “A Consumer’s Guide to Understanding QEEG Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Training” is written in an easy to understand and informative manner that will be a valuable asset to the client or patient. I appreciate the attention to detail and the accurate descriptions of the two processes discussed; brain mapping (QEEG) and neurofeedback. Many clients/patients have a level of trepidation when about to undergo a new procedure and this guide will go a long way to allay their concerns. In fact, I like the book so well, I am considering using it with each new patient who starts a neurofeedback program at Michigan Brain Health. Thank you again, Rob, for writing and publishing such an important and much-needed book for the consumer.

Review by:  Bill Brubaker, BCN
5.0 out of 5 stars
A great Introduction to Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping!!

Robert Longo has written an excellent “Get to Know Neurofeedback” book which explains in simple terms what this science is all about and answers many questions people unfamiliar with this training have. Every provider should have a copy or many of this book in their office. The book also supplies many useful resources for your office, especially if you are just getting into this field. A must have book for the beginner as well as the expert.

Free Shipping: USPS First Class (COUPON: consumer-guide-free-ship)

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