New Book Release: The Other Side Of The Desk

Stuart Donaldson - The Other Side of the Desk (front book cover)

Stuart Donaldson - The Other Side of the Desk (front book cover) The Other Side of the Desk is a whimsical narration about a very serious disorder and the issues that arose while trying to resolve them using the conventional medical model. The author, Dr. Stuart Donaldson, had an unfortunate fall that led to many complications, including chronic pain. Although Dr. Donaldson was already a chronic pain specialist with an alternative perspective, he followed instruction from his medical team – a process he found to be extremely debilitating. Dr. Donaldson finally adhered to his own approach, including complimentary modalities such as biofeedback and neurofeedback. This experience not only resolved his personal issues, but paved the way to an even better protocol for those who travel to be treated by him.

The Other Side of the Desk is invaluable to chronic pain sufferers, helping steer them to the treatment modalities that have the potential to help them. This book is also invaluable to those practitioners who want to avoid using unreliable mainstream practices and to incorporate treatments that may actually benefit their patients who are in chronic pain.

The Other Side of the Desk is published by ISNR-Research Foundation ($29.00) and includes a forward by Gabriel E. Sella, MD, MPH, MSc. PhD.

To purchase The Other Side of the Desk, please visit its website page. The book costs $29.00 and includes free USPS Priority Mail shipping.

Cynthia Kerson, PhD, QEEGT, BCN, BCB, the author of this article, is the ISNR Research Foundation Executive Director (publisher of this book).